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I’m Elena, Equine Osteopath EDO®

I deal with horse care, horse welfare, osteopathic treatments for sport and recreational horses.
I have always loved horses, since childhood.
This attraction has pushed me to get closer to the equestrian world when I was 13, starting an university related to the animal welfare and competing at the amateur level in reining shows.
Along the way I had the fantastic opportunity to learn from many different horses, talking with many riders and owners, falling in love more and more with these fantastic animals and the passion of the people that surround them.
In parallel I became a patient of J. P. Barral, an extraordinary guru of osteopathy with amazing skills and abilities.
Getting to know him has being decisive to my career. Thanks to him I undertook the research of high-level specialized institutions that would allow me to bring together the charm and effectiveness of osteopathy with the love of horses. Then everything started: I undertook and finalized my studies with Janek Vluggen at The Vluggen Institute for Equine Osteopathy and Education.
I live my profession as Equine Osteopath with great involvement, professional commitment and with the hope to be able to help as many horses (and owners) as possible.

I'm an equine osteopath...
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Love for animals

osteopata per cavalli aosta torino

Propensity to results

osteopata per cavalli aosta torino

I'm certified EDO®

EDO® Certification

Why work with an EDO® osteopath

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The Equine Diplome of Osteopathy (EDO) is a registered equine osteopath at IREO (International Register of Equine Osteopathy).
IREO is a register to ensure that all training centers for equine osteopaths have the same high educational standards, as medical profession.
EDO osteopaths, therefore, are specialized in equine osteopathy whose competence and seriousness is certified and safe. They are professionals who can search, evaluate and treat the horse with care, ability and full respect for the principles of osteopathy.
The effectiveness of osteopathy applied to the horse and the qualification of an EDO specialist operator are recognized by the greatest riders and coaches around the world, all of major sporting disciplines and also appreciated by horses' owners who wanted to give their four-legged friend the opportunity to be better, to live better, to move better.

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