What is Osteopathy and how is born?

andrew taylor still

Osteopathy was founded in the United States by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still on June 22, 1874.

Dr. Still lived in the period of American Civil War, which he attended as a physician in the US Army, a war that marked him very much for the many deaths and for the subsequent loss of his wife and three children due to meningitis and a daughter for pneumonia. This left him deeply from the traditional medicine that seemed unable to deal with the disease effectively, especially by the use of drugs and surgery, considering it only necessary in cases of urgency.

He argued that all that was needed to sustain life was already present within the human body, so he tried to find non-medical and non-surgical ways to improve the innate body's ability to heal himself. Focus on mechanical removal of obstacles to free flow of fluids and the elements carried within such fluids. This free flow was the key to self-healing and self-healing processes of the body.

Thus, in 1892 Still opened the first osteopathy school, followed by many others.

Equine Osteopathy

elena oliva osteopata equino

Osteopathy studies mobility and interactions between different parts of the human or equine body to identify and remove a problem that limits the quality and amount of movement. Its goal is to improve the state of health and physical and psychic well-being by intervening with special handling techniques that facilitate and allow the body to initiate and accelerate the self-healing and self-healing mechanisms that are proper to it.

An osteopath looks for the major causes that triggered the problem: the symptoms are "only" expression of a state of disequilibrium or dysfunction, but are determined by deeper causes. Osteopathy researches and intervenes in depth on the origin of these symptoms.

Equine osteopathy is the application of same principles developed for human, adapted and modified to the equine anatomy and physiology. Every horse engaged in an activity, whether it is "company" or sportsmanship, must almost always live with problems due to trauma, injury, incorrect use of saddles and other finishes, small accidents even several years earlier.

These problems, besides generating stress and a reduced quality of life for the horse, limit its ability to move in complete harmony, significantly lower the level of sport performance and, worse, increase the chance of new trauma and injury.

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