Horses Rehabilitation

riabilitazione cavallo osteopata

In his sporting career, any horse can go again stany kind of injuries or health problems that may compromise his performance and his general well-being.

When a horse suffer an injury or has an health problems, it needs a period of rest to be able to heal and go back to the competitions. This rest period can be managed in various ways. Generally, it tends to keep the horse in the box for weeks or months until the complete healing, but this can be counterproductive,both physically and psychologically, for a sport horse with a daily working regime,

A good alternative can be to bring the horse into rehabilitation so that he is followed daily at 360° (rest, nutrition, therapies, muscle work, etc.) so as to encourage a quick recovery of the agonist activity and less chance of recurrence.

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Rehabilitation Services

✔ Osteopathic treatment according to need

Treatments aimed at supporting the optimum healing of the subject and accelerating the healing processes of the body

✔ Kinesiologic tape

A particular type of elastic adhesive tape with biomechanical therapeutic effect, so without the use of drugs but only the action of this tape that,if properly applied, promotes the natural healing of the damaged areas. It can be used to reduce or control pain, it helps in edema and swelling because it has drain age effect, supports ligament and tendon action, supports tissue after stretching or muscle tears, promotes circulation, decreases muscle fatigue.

✔ Muscle training

Gradual training to regain physical fitness, targeting subjective needs, following the principles of biomechanics and osteopathy

✔ Stretching and postural rehabilitation

To increase or improve the final outcome of rehabilitation and general well-being of the horse

✔ Cooperation with veterinarians and farrier

I work with all the horse's staff (veterinarians, farrier, etc), also for athletic purposes, and I'm available for travel (contact me for details)

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